Welcome to the California Institute of Health

Our Areas of Focus

US-based and aimed at Chinese around the world, we gather the best minds from top-tier medical and psychological institutes around the world to introduce cutting edge research and education to China. Through the web and other innovative technology platforms, we provide online/offline training and education to Chinese healthcare professionals and people who care about their physical and mental well-being.
Engagement With Leading Experts

Lectures, speeches, workshops and training programs featuring mental health experts and industry veterans. Translation and sharing of important publications and research for the Chinese market.

Global Best Practices Brain Trust

A high-level forum for leading psychology and tech professionals around the world to shape the future growth of web and mobile technology adoption in mental health.

Training & Supervision Programs

Systematic, high quality, and practical training and supervision for established and aspiring mental health professionals. Short- and medium-term programs to help trainees to apply their skills in practice.

Corporate Training & Wellness Programs

Corporate programs to help increase employees’ effectiveness, work efficiency, and overall happiness. Globally-proven online & offline training programs localized for the Chinese market.

About Us

In only 30 years, China has risen from a poor country to the world’s second largest economy. As Chinese society has gone through many economic and social changes, its people have gained wealth but not necessarily happiness. While living standards are catching up with those of developed countries, so are the rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Despite the growth of these social and emotional ills, China still lags far behind in the availability of mental health resources. While China has produced hundreds of thousands of licensed therapists over just the last decade, only 60,000 are experienced enough to work as full-time therapists, responsible for serving a massive population of 1.4 billion people. That means while developed countries average 1 therapist for every 1,000 people, China comes in at 1/20 that, or 1 therapist for every 20,000 people.

The urgency of this situation does not afford China the luxury of repeating the development path of western psychiatry and psychotherapy over the last hundred years. Our approach uses the vast power of the web and mobile technologies to train therapists using both modern and traditional best practices in mental health. We aim to rapidly grow the mental health profession in China while educating the general public about physical and mental well-being.

Our Team

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Jack Z. Chen
Founder & CEO
Mr. Chen is an expert in US-China cross-border investment and an early stage investor and board member in cognitive sciences firm Magceutics. Previously, Mr. Chen led the $450mm acquisition of Nexteer Automotive from GM and completed several notable restructuring deals in the Chinese cement industry.
Cynthia Telles
Dr. Telles is a renowned American psychologist and long-time UCLA School of Medicine Department faculty. She has sat on the boards of both Kaiser Permanente and General Motors, as well as numerous prestigious appointments by the Obama White House, the Carter Center, and the US DHHS.
Hui-Qi Tong
Dr. Tong is Clinical Assistant Professor at UC San Francisco (UCSF). She is also Director and Adjunct Professor for the Global Masers’ Program-China at Palo Alto University (PAU). Dr. Tong has played a key role in bringing Western developed mindfulness-based interventions to China.
Shan Zhong
Shan graduated with MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business and science degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he received National Scholarship from China Ministry of Education and also Distinguished Graduate Award by Shanghai government. Shan was previously the Product Manager for the largest medical device portfolio of Johnson & Johnson. He also advised a leading VC firm to invest in the largest mental health mobile app in China and led several strategic consulting projects for Stanford Hospital. Shan is always passionate for applying technologies to improve people`s everyday life.
Sunny Pan
Senior Marketing Manager
Sunny Pan obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in marketing from Wuhan Univerisyt and doctor’s degree of marketing from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, during which, she spent a year in University of California, Irvine as a visiting scholar. She published over 20 papers on marketing and consumer behavior, including several papers on international SCI and SSCI journals. Sunny is experienced in consultancy and education. She had worked for TNS serving many top international brands, e.g. Abbott and Unilever. She also taugh in universities, such as Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University. Sunny is a social innovator dedicated to leverage the powper of business to solve social problems and make the world a better place. Afte finishing her Ph.D. program, Sunny chose to work for an American social enterprise which aims at using technology to improve the livelihood and well-being of blue-collar workers instead of becoming a faculty. She is an active organizer of TEDxSuzhou since 2013 and is a core contributor for building TEDxSuzhou as the most influential TEDx community in China. She also curated a TEDxSuzhouSalon themed as Mindfulness-Be present in late 2015. She is an experienced mindfulness practioner. She has been continuously practicing meditation with Shambhala in America since September 2012. She has attended 5 every mindfulness courses and 10 meditation retreats, the longest one of which was 3 weeks.
Jack Kornfield
Advisor for Mindfulness
Kornfield has worked to make Buddhism accessible for Westerners.[5] He has focused on combining loving kindness and self compassion with the practice of mindfulness, and incorporating together the wisdom of Eastern and Western psychology. Kornfield co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, with Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein in 1975. In 1987 he co-founded Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, California.
Chip Conley
Advisor for Mindfulness in Business
Conley serves as the Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for Airbnb. Before that, he founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality at age 26 and held the position of CEO for nearly 24 years. He spoke at the TED conference in 2010. His latest book Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success in Business + Life is a New York Times Bestseller.
Richard Walden
Richard M. Walden is President, CEO and Founder of The Nobel Peace Price winner Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit international relief and development organization helping communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty. Walden is also an active California-licensed attorney specializing in international law, civil rights and health care issues. He earned his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Frank Fu
VP, Admin and Accounting
Mr. Fu has nearly 20 years of valuable experience in the finance industry, primarily dealing with accounting, auditing, and investment banking activities from various management positions.
Corrina Liu
Product Manager
Ms. Liu was a journalist for both English and Chinese media, including CNN International, the New York Times, Phoenix New Media and People’s Daily Online. As a journalist, Corrina covered news in business, technology and people with a U.S-China angle. Her analytical coverage of China-Hollywood cooperation was published by the Hollywood reporter and ifeng.com and picked up by many other media.
Kitty Shan
Customer Service Manager
Ms. Shan has years of experience in training for maternal and infant care and education. She is also a licensed nutritionist and hypnotherapist.
Sophie Yao
Chief White-Collar Officer
Ms.Yao holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Tsingua University and an Master of Public Administration from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the deputy general manager of Boguan Investment Management Co.,Ltd, in charge of the sales, marketing, branding, and human resources. Before that, she worked for the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and China International Capital Corp.as a regulator and researcher.
Andy Lam
Board Director
Andy Lam, M.D. is a physician, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is Co-founder and Partner at Uprising, a VC firm in Silicon Valley. He was on the founding team at PL Capital, a $300m fund, worked for the highest-performing hedge fund in the world, and has founded four technology companies. He received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine, trained as an anesthesiologist, and has a BS in Engineering from Stanford where he was a President’s Scholar.